It may be time to rethink your ski trip. According to a new report from Protect Our Winters, #globalwarming trends could cost the winter sports up to $1 billion due to a decrease in cold temperatures and a reduction in snowfall.

The west coast mountain regions in Colorado and California could be among the most affected, as they have already seen a slow season. Vail Resorts nationwide have seen a 10.8 percent drop in skier visits so far and thousands of jobs in the winter service and sports industry could be at risk. This signals yet another way that unaddressed climate change affects both our environment and our economy.

“When somebody goes and skies, they don’t just spend money on that lift ticket,” says Rebecca Hill, a Colorado-based natural resources economist who contributed to the report. “They also spend money at restaurants in the area. They buy gas in the area. So it’s those other support industries that are also going to be harmed.”

Rebecca Hill, the Colorado economist, says the new findings, and headlines from ski resorts this year, should prompt resorts to think about how they can adapt to survive.

“What can we do now?” she says. “What needs to happen now to change this trajectory that we’re on?”

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