Bears Ears has resurfaced in the news as it’s one of the national monuments that Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has recommended be shrunk in the leaked memo to President Trump. Environmentalists have rightfully been outraged at the recommendation, but the infringement of Bears Ears may have started months ago. Native American tribal leaders point out that even though Bears Ears was designated a national monument in December of last year, the Bureau of Land Management has not carried out proper protection for the landmark.

In more detail:

The agencies have ordered road signs marking the monument entrances, but they have yet to be installed.

Under pressure from local and state officials, the BLM has suspended all management planning, drawing the ire of tribal governments that sought the monument designation under the Antiquities Act.

“The monument as-is must be implemented pursuant to President Obama’s proclamation, which is the current law of those lands,” said Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch. “The need for these protections is now elevated as visitorship to the monument multiplied upon its designation.”

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